The following case studies show case some of the acoustical engineering work our office has been involved in:

Transportation Noise – QDC MP4.4 Policy
Buildings located in a transport noise corridor require assessment against QDC MP4.4. The policy provides a default noise category for your development site based on vehicle movements and distance propagation. It is important to note that the default category does NOT take into account road side noise barriers, ground topography or other buildings shielding road traffic noise to your development. Therefore the actual noise category may be less than the assigned default category. We can assist in assessing the actual noise category and hence save you thousands of dollars on your building requirements by potentially dropping the noise category requirement.  Additionally we can help you with alternative “light weight” wall systems which may not be listed in the QDC MP4.4 policy. An alternative acoustic solution, as a building element, may be designed and certified by our team.












Software such as SoundPlan, (road or rail noise models), PEN 3D, CORTN calculations can be used to model future traffic noise levels. Aircraft noise may be modelled in INM and assessed against AS2021.